Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2017-2018 Hoops Basketball

This was my first look at the 2017-2018 Hoops basketball cards.  The pack had 30 cards which is pretty standard these days.  I'm a big Kawhi Leonard fan so his pull was definitely my favorite from the pack.  That said I did pull a Great SIGnificance  autograph of Trail Blazer Great Jake Layman <sarcasm>.  Yeah me too - no idea who he was.  Still you have to be excited about any autograph being pulled from a retail pack and he is a Trail Blazer which is a plus.  There weren't a ton of stars here but I still enjoyed the pack grabbing Kawhi and an auto.  I'll pickup more of these.  I like the design and the price point is always good. 
  The teal explosion cards are from the fat packs.  Standard Hoops backs - black & white and hard to read for an old guy.  
I liked the Zero Gravity cards but could have done without the Kobe tribute cards.  I should like Kobe more but I've always been lukewarm on him.  He deserves a tribute set but I'd like to see sets of some of the other greats who recently retired, yet I don't remember tribute sets from - Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, etc.  Maybe I missed those sets but all I see is Kobe - seems like tribute sets of those guys would have been great when they retired <steps off soap box>. 
30 – Cards
4 - RC
1 – Kobe Career Tribute
1 – Zero Gravity
1 – Teal Explosion

1 – Great SIGnificance Autograph

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