Saturday, January 6, 2018

2017 Panini Playoff Football Cards

I really like the 2017 Playoff football cards.  And to be honest much of my enjoyment comes from all the retired greats found in my pack of 40 cards.  Those retired greats make up one third of the overall base set of 300 cards.  The Dan Fouts card is by far my favorite.  Not only is he a personal all-time favorite but I love that uniform.  I know many are in love with the powder blues, which I am not, but this is the Chargers' uniform that does it for me. 
Apart from that I like the simple design which includes the team logo, name and player's name.  I'd seen plenty of these on other blogs and wasn't disappointed when I opened a pack of my own.  The backs are also nice with a smaller duplicate of the color photo found on the front as well as a write-up and minimal stats. I like it.  Again the cards are very simple but they work for me.
I was also very happy with my pull.  There were plenty of current stars as well as a bevy of retired greats.  No inserts in this pack but there were three blue parallels - Mike Evans, above, is one of them. 
I enjoyed this pack quite a bit and the retired greats alone will have me buying more of these cards but again I'm happy with the design of the cards overall. 
40 - Total Cards
18 - Retired Greats
3 - Blue Parallels
2 - RC

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