Sunday, January 21, 2018

2015 Donruss Football Hobby Box

There is no hiding the enjoyment I get from Donruss football cards so when I had an opportunity to get a 2015 Donruss Football hobby box I jumped on it last year.  I originally looked at these cards here.  There were 24 packs in the box with eight cards per pack.  
Tons of stars here so opening packs was always exciting.  
You get the press proofs, numbered cards, as well as the retired greats which is always a favorite of mine.  It's not just base cards which gives you plenty of options.  
This set also has plenty of inserts and rookies.  The '86 Donruss baseball look cards are fun.
The Gridiron Kings and Gridiron Legends are my favorite cards.  Pulled PC guys on both of these.  I'll also grabbed a nice Marino Classics card.  Man I'd love to see him play in today's game - he'd be some dominate.
These are just fun and colorful cards and it was great opening each pack.  Of course I was excited to see who my auto would be...
It was Joseph Randle.  This was the last of Randle's three year career which totaled just over 800 yards averaging 4.5 per and scoring 9 touchdowns. No matter, it wasn't about the autograph but all about the fun and I had plenty, believe me. 

192 – Total Cards (24 Packs X 8)
2 – Rated Rookie (86 Donruss)
4 – Rated Rookie
9 – Elite
9 – Elite RC
2 – Elite Series
1 – Gridiron Legend
3 - Gridiron Kings (1 – Stat Line #/560)
2 – Passing the Torch
1 – Classics
1 – Press Proof RC
1 – Stat Line #/390

16 – Retired Legends