Thursday, January 11, 2018

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles - Divisional Playoff Game

No one saw it due to my lack of posting about it but I had a good feeling about the Falcons-Rams game.  While it is hard to say Atlanta had been hot but they had won six of their last eight to end the season and make the playoffs.  The offense still isn't the 2016 "on fire" version we all fell in love with last year.  The good news is their defense is good and was very good against the run which helped them shut down the Rams.  This also bodes well going to Philly who will start their backup quarterback and will probably not want him having to throw any more than he has too.  Atlanta should win this weekend.  That isn't cockiness but Philadelphia isn't the same without Carson Wentz.  They do have a great run defense but the passing defense is average.  Hopefully the Falcons can exploit that.  So all that said this could be a trap game.  A few lucky bounces or turnovers and Atlanta could be wondering what if - again.  Either way I'll be watching come Saturday.    

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