Monday, January 15, 2018

Atlanta Falcons Lose to the Philadelphia Eagles in Divisional Playoff Game

Atlanta's offense has been shaky all year and it really played out that way against an Eagles defense that was able to get pressure and wouldn't let the Falcons convert on third down.  It was a frustrating game to watch as Atlanta just never looked comfortable or like they'd take the game over.  They should have beaten the Eagles but hats off to Philly.  Their defense played very well and their offense did what it needed to to win.  That last offensive play by the Falcons for the touchdown was not pretty to look at.  I'm not a fan of that fade play especially when you roll out.  It takes all the defenders to that side of the end zone.  Still Julio Jones had a shot at it and can make that play.  It just didn't happen.  Too bad as the defense played well.  Would have loved to have see Atlanta in the NFC Championship game but as poorly as the offense has played I wouldn't have much confidence they could have won.  Here' to next year and hopefully a better offense. 

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