Sunday, March 18, 2018

2015-2016 Donruss Basketball Retail Box

I've scanned cards from the 2015-2016 Donruss Basketball set before but I can't find a post on them.  hmmm.  This box was also a part of my Dave & Adam's purchase.  There were 24 packs in this box with each containing eight cards.  There are no guaranteed autos in these boxes though they are remotely possible.  The cards themselves are a favorite of mine.  Colorful with nice photos they really do it for me.  I'm also a huge fan of the Scoring, Rebounding, and Passing kings cards.  The Donruss brand also give me a chance to see retired greats which is something I really enjoy.  Lots of nice cards here with my pull netting me all the major stars.  Of the 192 cards I think I had less than five duplicates which is a huge plus.  Always seems like I get way more than my share of duplicates when I'm grabbing packs from my local Wal-Mart so it was fun not to have that frustration.  
The backs aren't special but I do like the added color.  Much better than the black and white backs you find on some Panini products.  This The Rookies card is a #/199 Holo.  
Love these inserts.  Not only do you get current stars but you also find past greats here.  
More inserts where you can find current elites and stars from the past.  Again this set is a favorite of mine so I'd be surprised if I don't grab more of these as opportunities present themselves.    
192 – Total Cards
7 – The Rookies (1 – Holo #/199)
6 – Rated Rookie
3 – Elite Series
3 – Extra Edition
2 – Franchise Futures
1 – Scoring Kings
1 – Rebounding Kings
1 – Passing Kings


  1. I love this set, bought two boxes from D & A myself. I got a Kelly Oubre auto in one, but it's barely an auto; he basically scribbled a "KO". Here's my box break post. If you want to swap dupes, inserts, SP's..let me know. I still need a few to finish the set.

  2. The Kobe and Curry are sweet! Great action shots.