Thursday, March 29, 2018

2018 Topps Opening Day Hobby Box - Part 1

Happy opening day!  I'm a big fan of the Opening Day brand cards so I decided to grab a hobby box of the 2018 Topps Opening Day cards this year.  The box cost $29.95 but netted me 252 cards.  I enjoy the fun Opening Day delivers with the mascots, traditions, and other quirky offerings to include the logo itself.  The smaller base set (200 cards) is a big plus for me as well.  Plenty of stars and young players packed into those 200 cards.  I didn't pull any autographs or short print variations which would have been nice but they weren't my goal here.  I like the base 2018 Topps baseball and knowing I like Opening Day this was a no brainer.  Weren't many duplicates which is always a good thing.  As you can see I got the Ohtani card which I pulled with about three packs to go.    
Some of the players who changed unis over the off season were pictured with their new team but with the slow movement this winter there weren't a ton of these.  The mascot cards are always fun with some of the secondary mascots also getting cards this year.  The Topps All-Star Rookie trophies are still here and I'm glad they are.
  These first two are Blue Foil parallels (1 in every nine packs).  In addition to the blue foil, March, 29, 2018 is stamped just above the player's name on those cards.

Like the flagship brand these cards have the same great photos.  Plenty here to enjoy.  Also plenty of stars which you can't go wrong with.  

Other cards included Team Traditions & Celebrations, Before Opening Day (highlighting spring training), and Opening Day Stadium cards.  The traditions ran the gamut from fun to laugh out loud to making you go "huh".  I wish more of the Before Opening Day cards were more like this Mookie Betts card which showed him in a different light.  Most of the cards just have photos of players in spring training.  Opening Day Stadium cards have photos of stadiums on opening day which provides some cool photos.  I was extremely happy with this box and these cards.  Again it is a brand I enjoy and the brand is all about fun.  I'll have a 2nd post tomorrow about these cards which will mainly just show off cards.  

252 – Total Cards
31 – RC (2 – Blue Foil)
11 – Team Traditions & Celebrations
10 – Mascot
9 – Opening Day
7 – Topps All-Star Rookie (2 – Blue Foil)
6 – Opening Day Stadium
1 – Opening Day Stars


  1. I am like yourself in that I really enjoy the Opening Day set every year. I am slowly building my Indians team set. Are there any particular cards you are looking for?

    1. I'm sure there are. I'll shoot ya an e-mail.

  2. 10 mascots in a hobby box. I'm going to my wholesaler next week. Might need to pick up a box if they have them in stock.

    1. Crazy amount of mascots but I was stoked. For me this was a great deal and a ton of fun.