Saturday, March 24, 2018

2017 Topps WWE

While it has been years since I followed the sport I do enjoy picking up wrestling cards just to get a look at what they put out and they usually have plenty of retired greats so I also get to go down memory lane.  This pack of 2017 Topps WWE was pretty fun.  First off I got a Ric Flair which screams Woo.  Sorry.  Still he is a favorite so it was great grabbing this card.
The base cards utilize the 2017 Topps baseball design.  It works here.  I really like the Liv Morgan card.  Not sure what pops there for me.  It may be because she is cute and nothing else which wouldn't be the first time.  I really don't know anything about anyone except Ric Flair in this pack but I'm ok with that.  
I pulled a Breaking Ground card which is a behind the scenes card and a 1st NXT card, to go along with the two legends and the other three base cards.  Not bad looking cards.  I always enjoy sets that include legends and grabbing Ric Flair makes this pack a definite win.