Sunday, March 4, 2018

2018 Topps Heritage

2018 Topps Heritage is here again and again I torture myself with picking up a pack.  I've never enjoyed these cards due to the lack of action shots but I will say these are not as bad as those in years past.  For some reason my scanner wouldn't scan the right side of that Correa card no matter how hard I tried but it is by far my favorite of the 20 cards I pulled.  It shows a little emotion it isn't the standard shots you normally see i this brand.  I also like the League Leader cards as well as the Rookie Stars.  The Stanton All-Star is a nice card too.  So while I won't be picking up any more of these I'm ok with those who do appreciate them and do think the cards suit me a bit more this year.    
20 - Total Cards
1 - 2018 Rookie Stars
1 - 2017 Batting Leaders
1 - Topps 2017 All-Star Rookie
1 - All-Star


  1. Wow..not even Aaron Judge had 30 hrs over his first 90 games? Oh yeah, I almost forgot he was garbage in his first call-up (which prompted me to sell his Chrome auto) The Josh Hader card is my favorite of the bunch. I hope there's a photo variation of Correa proposing to his girlfriend after they won the WS. That was something special.

    1. That Correa variation would be perfect. Hopefully Topps will be able to make that happen.

  2. My favorite part of this year's Heritage might be those humongous vintage Rookie Cups.

  3. Nice looking Corey Kluber card!