Wednesday, March 7, 2018

2017 Topps Bowman Baseball

I've had these 2017 Bowman baseball cards for a while now.  I thought they did a good job with this set and I enjoyed the 2016 Bowman as well.  Fairly simple design with plenty of space for the photos which is great while giving us the basics in the team logo, player and player position.   The base set is only 100 cards so chasing a base set wouldn't seem too tough to do if someone wanted to do that.  Seems like I had trouble finding these after my initial pack purchase.  May have been hot at the time.  I know the Aaron Judge cards made some of the products a hot ticket depending on when they were released.  That is it, just a quick take on these as we are going strong in spring training and the season is just around the corner.      
It is always great when you can pick up your favorite current players so the Altuve card was fun to pull.  I also like the dark blue jersey he is wearing for this card.  
The backs are a bit different with less emphasis on stats and more talk with the Resume, Skills and Up Close descriptive sections.  I've definitely seen worse and it does bring some color and the 2016 and career stat lines.    


  1. This is a pretty solid design as far as Bowman goes. I bought a ton of Bowman/Draft from 2012-2015, then gave up prospecting and only bought a couple random packs in '16 and '17.

    1. They are prospect heavy which is one reason I don't buy a ton of these. I'm more of a fan of sets focused on core stars. Doesn't mean I'll stop grabbing Bowman though.