Friday, March 23, 2018

2017-2018 Prestige Basketball Cards

Grabbed two packs of the 2017-2018 Prestige basketball for a total of 60 cards.  I really liked last year's Prestige offering so I was curious to see if they could wow me again this year.  Again I'm very happy the simple design and nice photos.  I'm not quite as impressed as I was with last year's cards but I still like them.  Why did they drop the team logo though?  It is something I'm big on and doesn't have to be that big.  I preferred the backs from last year but these aren't all that bad.
My pull didn't seem as star laden as the two Contenders packs I picked up at the same time.  Still I won't complain and it may be more of a product of having more total cards here.  Still I did pick up good players and I think the Lonzo Ball cards are the first ones I've grabbed this year. 
Had to post that Justise Winslow card in my post.  The look on his face is great.  
I really like these Timberwolves jerseys and I'm also a big Jimmy Butler fan so I'm digging this Stars of the NBA card.  The Micro Etch Rookies Bright Green card seemed out of place with the rest of the cards.  I didn't post a rain parallel but literally the cards are designed to feature rain over cards.  It isn't a bad look but hard to capture in a scan.  
I'll definitely grab more of these.  They are my favorite of the low end basketball cards this year.  I'm usually one of the few scooping these up so there are plenty to pick up as the season winds down.  

60 – Total Cards
35 – Base (2 - Rain Parallels)
14 – RC (2 - Rain Parallels)
5 – Rookie Class (1 - Rain Parallel)
3 – Stars of the NBA (1 - Rain Parallel)
2 – Highlight Reel
1 – Micro Etch Rookies Bright Green  

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