Friday, March 16, 2018

2016 Playoff Football Blaster Box

This is my first look of the 2016 Panini Playoff football cards via a blaster I recently purchased from Dave & Adam's.  I was surprised and happy to pull an auto though I have to admit I had to look up Giants' TE Jerell Adams.  Hasn't really done much in two seasons but still an autograph is an autograph.  I like the fronts of these cards for the most part.  There is plenty of room for the nice photos and and the translucent borders make it all the more nicer.  There is a small team logo as well.  My issues are the name which is in foil and hard to read except at certain angles.  It scans really well which surprised me but reading them is a challenge.  No player position is also a negative for me but overall the design and photos overcome all that.
 The backs are great with plenty of color, a nice photo (replica of the front), and the standard write-up and stats.  
 There was a RC and insert in each pack including this pennant card which was pretty cool.  I'm not usually a die cut guy but I'm digging this one which is mad of felt.  
I like the Class Reunion and Star gazing insert cards but again the foil is a bit annoying.  Doesn't hurt that each card will go into the personal collections. 
Would have liked seeing more retired greats, maybe one per pack, but I still won't complain.  Love seeing these guys on modern cards.  Yes Manning was only one season away from the game but I liked the Colt's uni and I also pulled Steve Young and Phil Simms.  Wouldn't hesitate to grab more of these if the opportunity came up.  They are nice looking cards.    

BREAKDOWN: 8 Packs X 7 Cards
56 - Total Cards
7 – RC
3 – Retired Legends
2 –Boss Hogs
2 – Air Command
2 – Class Reunion
1 – Star Gazing
1 – Kickoff #/199 (Danny Woodhead)
1 – Pennants
1 – Rookie Signatures #/199 (Jerell Adams)


  1. That's a nice looking set!

    1. I agree. Nothing fancy but some of the little details make it appealing.

  2. Not a bad box at all. The Brees pennant thing looks cool and some of the base cards are nice. Design is fairly minimal but that's okay. And a low-#d auto is a nice pull, even if he's not a name player (yet?)