Thursday, November 22, 2018

2018-2019 Donruss Basketball

Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm thankful for these 2018-2019 Donruss Basketball cards which I'm really enjoying.  This retro 1984 Donruss Baseball based design works with the NBA as opposed to Panini's Donruss baseball cards from this year.  Those were OK but didn't wow me.  These I really like though again you won't find the player's position.  I noticed the hobby boxes have two autographs each as well as 300 cards.  I could see me getting one down the road when they are a bit cheaper.  In the mean time I'll definitely pick more of these up when I get the chance.  
I had a pretty nice pull as well with Stephen Curry leading the way.  I also grabbed a few Trail Blazers in McCollum and Nurkic.  Plenty of other stars helped round out the pack.  The rookie cards weren't out of this world but they can take some time to pan out.
I enjoy the Court Kings normally but I'm withholding judgement on this year's design until I see another one in hand.  The colors here throw me off.  I like the Franchise Feature card and the Rated Rookies are fine with me as well.
   Plenty of nice action shots to enjoy.  The Kuzma photo from an elevated camera is a nice change of pace. As opposed to the Hoops cards these backs at least have a flash of color.  It shouldn't mean much but I do appreciate the effort.  So I'm a fan of these cards and I'm looking forward to breaking more packs in the future.  

I do hope your Thanksgiving is a joyful one.  I have plenty of be thankful for in my life and wish good tidings to you all.

30 - Total Cards
6 - Rated Rookie
1 - Franchise Feature
1 - Court Kings


  1. Panini is really pulling out some slick color schemes. The Davis and Donovan Mitchell are unique for sure.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. I did and hope you did as well. I am happy they are getting a little bold and adventurous with their designs and color palletes.