Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Card Show Basketball Card Finds

I didn't pick up a ton of basketball cards but wanted to show off what I did pick up including a pack of the 1996 Topps Women's National Team cards.  Couldn't really find anything on this set but there were eight cards in the pack.  I like the base cards and profile cards which made up the majority of my pull.  To my amazement I at least knew of the majority of the players.  I'm by no means a women's basketball/WNBA guy per se but I like to at least be in the know. I know they don't match up to the men's game but I do enjoy watching the ladies mostly around tourney time.  I enjoyed this pack even if it isn't something I don't pick up very often.
8 – Total Cards
5 – Profiles
1 – Game Schedule
A couple of my all-time favorite players here.  Both are nice cards and look at that 'fro on Reggie!


  1. I don't follow women's basketball anymore... but I definitely recognize Lobo, Leslie, and Swoopes. Very cool cards.