Tuesday, November 27, 2018

2018 Topps Gallery

Picked up a pack of the 2018 Topps Gallery baseball cards.  After a nice debut for Gallery last year, I looked forward to these cards as the art is a big draw for me.  The base cards have a nice looking design.  I will say I like the borders on the wood parallels better.  That darker color sets off the players to me.  Overall the art is good and I like this set.  I didn't pull a retired great base card but I'll probably look at finding singles of those as I can.  I'm not sure I'll grab more packs unless the price is right but I'll definitely look for singles as I get the chance.
Frank Thomas is the Hall of Fame insert I pulled.  I always enjoy retired greats on new cardboard especially in retro formats.  Half of this pack were RC cards so if you like the young players you might really like these assuming my pull was atypical.
 Again these wood parallels are a better look to me.  Not saying the base cards aren't good looking cards, I just like that wood grain border.  I really like the backs (below).  They contain normal player info, gallery notes and last season's stats broken down by month.  I really like the gallery notes and the stats.  Something about seeing them by month has the stat geek in me happy.

12 -Total Cards
6 - RC
2 - Wood Parallels
1 - Hall of Fame


  1. I really like the Andujar and the painting of the stadium in the background. Wish more of the cards had them.

  2. I like that the stats give OBP and slugging instead of OPS and slugging like most Topps products. Adding is easier than subtracting!