Friday, November 16, 2018

2018 Topps Baseball Update

This is my first pack of the 2018 Topps Update series.  An extension of the flagship set the update lets us see players in their new unis as well as provide All-Star Game photos and a few new inserts.  Mookie Betts, who is a decent bet to win the AL MVP is definitely the highlight here for me.    I do like All-Star game cards (it is one of my things) so pulling a Betts was icing on top of the cake. 
A few guys who changed uniforms this season.  Overall I'm happy with my pull.  Plenty of name players and good variety.  
I like the Hall of Famer card quite a bit as I do the Legends in the Making.  I'm luke warm on the An International Affair cards but pulling Didi Gregorius is always good.
A nice Juan Soto 1983 Topps and more all-star cards to include a Freddie Freeman Homerun Derby card.  I'll probably end up with more of these over time but we'll see.

36 – Total Cards
8 - RC
6 – All-Star Game
1 – Homerun Derby
1 – Legends in the Making
1 – 2018 Hall of Famer
1 – An International Affair
1 – Friends
1 – 1983 Topps 
1 – Rookie Combo


  1. The Hoffman insert is nice, and the Soto is probably the best pull. I like the Mookie, of course. And I have to ask about "1 – Friends" Did you get a Jennifer Aniston card in there, or..? ;P

    1. Nice catch. Not sure where the Friends came from though I think it was a placeholder for me to go find what the subset the card really came from. Nice. And believe me if I get a Jennifer Aniston card I'll share it on here. Everyone would be able to appreciate.

  2. Nice to see a baseball card featuring a San Diego Padres hall of famer outside of Tony Gwynn.

    1. Yeah it I definitely like seeing Gwynn on new cardboard. Such a great hitter.