Friday, November 30, 2018

Random Wax: 2018-2019 Hoops Basketball

Grabbed my second pack of the 2018-2019 Hoops basketball.  My first pack was a real dud as far as the pull went so the Hoops gods made up for it with this pack.  I really like this Jimmy Butler card but I have to figure out how to keep my scanner from cutting off those white borders.   
Two Jimmy Butler cards in this pack which makes three of his Hoops' cards on the year in just two packs.  That definitely helps my personal collection. The other cards are a purple parallel and a Lights, Camera, Action insert.
I'm seeing stars.  Again this was a great pack with plenty of star power.
Donovan Mitchell is struggling this year after a great rookie season but hopefully he can get it going.  Great photo of Blake Griffin.  I've always liked him.  The only Trail Blazer card in this pack but a good one in Jusuf Nurkic who is averaging 15 and 10 for Portland.  No Hawks this pack but I can't complain considering my pull.

30 – Total Cards
2 – Lights Camera Action
1 – Purple
1 – The Pulse
1 – Retired Legend
1 - RC


  1. That Bill Russell is really great, and it's to see that Panini actually used a different picture of him.

    1. It is definitely annoying when the companies trot out the same photo set after set.

  2. Kudos to Panini for the selection of action shots. They actually did a pretty good job of photo cropping too.

    1. Can't argue. I like the job they did on these cards.