Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hostiles Movie Review

Hostiles stars Christian Bale who, as a veteran Captain in the Army is tasked with taking a captive Indian Chief back to the reservation.  As someone whose seen the horrors of the Civil War as well as the wars with the Indians he undertakes the mission under duress though blackmailed is more like it.  The movie is really good.  There is action in the movie but this was more of a thinking man's movie to me.  Think PTSD.  While we think of that in terms of modern soldiers it was no less prevalent with soldiers of wars past.  And some of that is on display here.  Hostiles shows exactly how brutal life was in the Wild Wild West during this period.  Overall the acting, story and cinematography are really well done.  This is another movie I recommend to others.  Just know what you are getting into when you watch it.  The trailer can be seen here.


  1. Now this is my kind of movie. I'm a big fan of historical fiction movies... and movies based on history.