Friday, September 27, 2019

2019 WWE Women's Division Blaster Box with Relic

I look forward to the Women's Division cards each year.  The 2019 Tops Women's Division cards are fun but not quite up to the standards of the last two years.  Overall I'm happy.  The ladies of WWE are big starts nowadays so it is nice to see them shine in their own set.  This one has plenty of highlights and stars as well as rising stars and retired greats.  There aren't really any inserts in this set other than the Sarah Logan mat relic I pulled (bottom of post).  I think a few insert options would do this set some good but you could say that about each year though the '18 set had Power Couples inserts.
The roster cards seem as though they are just stock photos taken in front of a green screen for release in various formats.  The previous years had more personality from the photos being taken from actual photos from the ring or on stage.  These are just too bland for me.

The roster cards include wrestlers from across the different WWE formats to include NXT UK which I didn't even know was a thing.  Cool though.  Retired greats are also part of this set which are always fun.  That Dana Brooke is a purple parallel #/99.  The like that color on the roster cards as opposed to the one chosen for the base cards.
The Memorable Moments and Matches cards are always fun as you get to see them in the ring or at the arena.  That Sonya Deville card is a fun looking card.  I like her outfit and her personality that comes out in this photo.  Nice action shout of Ember Moon.  She really looks like she is flying while Tamina looks ready to kick some @ss!
Oh the look on Alexa Bliss' face.  I love it.
We go horizontal for more action from the ring.  Carmella with some attitude.
Evolution was the WWE's first all-women's event.  Looks like both these ladies are jumping into nowhere.
I like the group photo on this card.  I do like these cards as a whole even if I am disappointed by the roster cards.  The rest of the set gives me plenty to like.  
71 – Total Cards
23 – WWE
10 - RAW
10 – Royal Rumble 
9 - NXT
7 – Smack Live
6 – First Cards
5 - Evolution
5 – NXT
3 – Retired Greats
2 – RC
1 – NXT UK
1 – Mat Relic Bronze Parallel #/75
1 – Purple Parallel #/99


  1. I need to pick up some of these as it has become my favourite set from WWE each year. Agreed the roster base cards are lacking a bit given the formulaic background instead of action shots, but other than that, decent base cards. The purple parallel colour is much nicer though.

    1. Agree with everything you said. Definitely a highlight for me each year.

  2. I remember watching Stephanie McMahon almost 20 years ago. She's gotta be in her 40's now... and she's looking good.

    1. No lie. She's been around longer than I think she has but still looking good. 😉

    2. I still have my WWF magazines from the late 80s where Stephanie is one of the kids modeling shirts in the merchandise section.