Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Last Kingdom - Seasons 1-3

The Last Kingdom is a Netflix show I found randomly searching Netflix some time back.  I really enjoy this show.  I'm a fan of the Vikings visuals in movies and TV so I took a flyer.  I've finished the three seasons that are out and I hooked.  The fourth season is due to be out next year.  The season two trailer is here to give you a look into the show.  I look at the main character Uhtred as comparable to Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy.  A cool character easy to like.  This one is just set hundreds of years earlier and instead of motorcycles we have horses.
Uhtred was the Saxon son of the ruler of Bebbanburg, one of seven English kingdoms.  Uhtred's father is killed during battle when he is a young boy and taken by the Viking Danes.  From there he is raised as a Dane until as a young man he finds himself forced to return to the Saxons.  As a born Saxon raised a Dane he is cautiously trusted but his knowledge of the Danes becomes key in his ability to help the Saxons during battle.  Uhtred's overall goal is to get back to Bebbanburg and reclaim his kingdom which has taken over by the "evil Uncle" who doesn't want to give up his seat in power.  Uhtred becomes a great warrior whose road back to Bebbanburg takes many many twists and turns.  He also has family amongst the Danes which lead to some of the complications that follow his life. 
  The Danes who have invaded England while barbaric are also shown as peoples who have the same political infighting and issues any other nation would have.    
King Alfred is at the center of much of what happens throughout the series.  His wish is to have England's kingdoms united under one king for the good of his country.  He is dedicated to this principle as well as his faith in God which is tested by Uhtred at every turn.  Their relationship is complicated to say the least.
  There are plenty of characters on both sides to love and hate but they are really good.  And it is easy to even like the "bad guys" with how they are portrayed.  Some are just cool or shown as just people who are also complicated no matter which side they fight on.  There are all the common plot drivers to include love, betrayal, behind the scenes dealings and other intrigue.  Everyone has their own motives which help drive the show.  I highly recommend this show.  There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you wanting to know what happens next and the characters are done well.  If gore isn't your thing you may want to pass.  Battles and death are not glossed over here.


  1. Big fan of both Sons of Anarchy and The Last Kingdom. Both shows will stand the test of time... and will be rewatched by me at some point. Glad to hear they'll have a 4th season of TLK.

    1. Glad you like both. I'm working on finishing So A. Almost done with season 4.