Thursday, September 5, 2019

Fairfield Football Repack

We'll start off the NFL season with a Fairfield repack.  This was a great box.  None of these are money makers but I really enjoyed the box as a whole.  There were 75 cards plus one 1989 Pro Set pack for a total of 89 cards.  This Tom Brady was showing on the outside of the box and is what tipped the scales for me as I debated picking this up from Walgreens.  
The variety in this box was awesome. Outside the Pro Set pack I never had more than four cards from the same set.  These were some cards from some of the newest sets.  
Some of these sets I've never seen before which is always fun.  That Warren Moon is one of two Moon cards which is always a win.
Shiny cards for those that lean that way.
Cards really did run the gamut across brands and years.
I few hall of famers were among the cards as well including Reggie White and, one player I believe will eventually make it, Isaac Bruce.
Upper Deck cards are always great pulls.
Some nice older Topps card a swell a nice Zach Thomas card.
Even a few cards with college unis made it in the pack.  I couldn't not show off a Doug Flutie card.

I think Kevin Greene is excited as I was going through the pack.  Really this was just fun.  There were plenty of stars, personal collection guys, and cool looking cards that made this a win for me.  At $5 I say this repack a worth the money.


  1. That looked like a ton of fun! And I need that Terry Glenn for my set lol

  2. Kevin Greene was a beast! Feel bad for anyone he ran through. Nice seeing a Colt Brennan card too! I remember all of my relatives in Hawaii couldn't stop talking about that dude. Hmmm... maybe I can actually find a cheap autograph of his now.

    1. I would think he isn't too hard to find. lol

    2. You'd think. Checked eBay and COMC and there wasn't anything in my price range. Maybe I'll stumble across one in bargain bin at the card show I'll be attending in a few weeks.

  3. This was quite the repack indeed! Love seeing things like late 90's Pacific and Donruss QBC being pulled from these boxes.

    1. I was extremely happy with it. By far the best I've busted.