Sunday, September 22, 2019

Random Wax: 2017 Contenders Football

We have no more Gronk after his retirement so this 2017 Contenders football will help those going through withdrawals.  This pack was clearanced for $3.49 so I didn't hesitate to pick up a brand I really enjoy.
  Plenty of star power in this pack with many of the top quarterbacks making an appearance.
That quad only has two players on it?  Nope - the other two are on the back which I show at the end of this post.  Different I'll give 'em that.  I really like the Mike Vick Legendary card though I'm sure some will not take kindly to him being included in modern sets.  I understand if folks don't.  
A trio of great receivers.
J.J. Watt is always a good pull.  It doesn't show in the scan but this is an emerald parallel.  
This was a great pack.  Tons of star power and a couple of Gronk appearances make this a win.  I'll never hesitate to pick these cards up when given the chance.  

This is the back of the Patriots' quad card.  Kind of cool and different.

22– Total Cards
1 – Legendary
1 – Team Quads
1 – MVP Contenders
1 – Emerald Parallel
1 – Rookie of the Year Contenders


  1. Replies
    1. One of the reasons these are fun are the McCaffery cards.

  2. Kinda getting bored with the Contenders design... but I do like how they used the team's color for the background image of the action shot. It makes the player stand out. The only exception is the Suggs. The purple background is a tad bit dark.

    1. I do think it is harder to be unique year to year and still keep the designs fresh each year. I'm curious about this year's look.

  3. I'm kind of surprised to see Vick in a modern set, especially under the guise of a "legendary" player. I mean just because you played in the league at some point in the past, doesn't mean that you were a "legend"!

    1. I agree. Not sure what they were thinking with that card. Maybe if he isn't called legendary but really I'm surprised considering his criminal history alone.