Friday, September 20, 2019

Random Wax: 2019 Topps Stadium Club

This 2019 Topps Stadium Club baseball pack is a retail variety with five cards.  I'm a big fan of the Stadium Club brand with their great photography and cards.  Freddie Freeman looks jacked right here and why shouldn't he after the year he and the Bravos had this year.
  Nice Juan Marichal card and Trey Mancini looks really happy in his photo.
Action shots are always great and this one is one of those you have to like.  This red foil parallel (1:3 packs) shows Trea Turner laser focused on the target of his throw.
I really like this Christy Mathewson card.  It goes against my normal preferences but I think it is a cool photo for some reason.  Good pack for only five cards.

5 – Total Cards
2 – Retired Greats
1 – Red Parallel