Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Random Wax: 2019 Topps Archives

Less than a week to go in the season and who isn't excited about the playoffs and 2019 Topps Archives?  This 2019 Topps Archives pack was fun with some great young players, current stars and retired greats.  This Fernando Tatis Jr. is one of the great young players coming up in the league now and has the Padres thinking of bigger and better things in the future.
Always fun pulling Ohtani cards.  He can definitely hit and we'll see if he can make a successful comeback on the mound.  A couple of retired greats join him.  I don't remember seeing many Early Wynn cards before so this was a nice find.
  1958 is not a favorite design of mine but still fun.
Yaz!  Always fun pulling an all-time favorite.  Rare to see him running and not hitting but I'll go with it.  McNeil is another hot rookie playing for the Mets this year who made a surprising second half run.

I love the design of these Topps Magazine cards.  It doesn't hurt that the two I've pulled were Ronald Acuna Jr. and Mike Trout.

18 – Total Cards
6 - 1958
5 – RC
5 – 1978
5 – 1993
5 – Retired Greats


  1. Congratulations on pulling Tatis and McNeil in the same pack! The Topps Magazine inserts are pretty cool. A few years ago I went on a mission and tracked down all 16 issues they printed back in the early 90's.

    1. I definitely liked the pull. I'm sure those old magazines are a fun read.

  2. That McNeil,tho!OK he's obviously got a long ways to go but doesn't he remind you a little of Don Mattingly?

    1. He's definitely a good hitter. Can't wait to see what will do moving forward. So many great young players in the league.