Sunday, September 29, 2019

Random Wax: 2018 Playoff Football

If I find these 2018 Playoff football cards in the discounted bin I'll normally jump on them.  Not a lot of frills here but I do like the cards.  We'll kick it off with Christian McCaffrey who is a stud and the only thing keeping my fantasy football team off life support. 
LeSean McCoy may not be the great player he once was but he seems a bit rejuvenated with the Kansas City Chiefs after the Buffalo Bills released him.  He seems like a great fit there as a back who can run and catch.  While I wasn't a big fan before he went to Buffalo I came to respect more what he brought to the team and I was sorry to see him go even if I understand why they did it.
Mike Williams and Kirk Cousins are off to slow starts while Desmond Trufant already has two picks in the first three games.
  The inserts are hit and miss with me.  I'm OK with them one day the other not so much.  The set could do with a bit more variety but the base design still works for me.

22– Total Cards
6 - RC
3 – Goal Line Parallel
1 – Rookie Wave
1 – Air Command


  1. The base design is my favorite part of this product... but it still can't compete with Donruss Classics or the Score base designs.

  2. I can't argue any. Still one I like and enjoy finding it in the discount bins.

  3. Does this set have any former players in it? I noticed that there weren't any in your pack and thought I'd see if you knew (it's fine if you don't too).

    1. Only in the Hall of Fame autos. I think there are around 25 cards in that insert set,