Friday, October 25, 2019

2019 Stadium Club Hobby Box w/auto and 1/1

2019 Topps Stadium Club:  I didn't have a plan when I attended the Sports Collectibles Show in St. Louis Sunday but did have the thought of picking up a Stadium Club hobby box in the back of mind since they were first released.  Sure enough there was a dealer with two boxes so I grabbed one at $85.  While the autos aren't anything to write home about I did pull a big hit in this Khris Davis Chrome Chrome SuperFractor 1/1.  I didn't even know there were Stadium Club Chrome cards.  I'm a big fan of Davis so this is an awesome pull.   These fall 1:5,976 hobby packs.  I did put it up on eBay.  I sell very few cards but knew there would be a market for this card.  I'm not in this for the money but on those rare occasions I get something decent these help fuel the hobby budget.  Definitely stoked about this pull.
  Neither of my two autographs really move the needle though Richards did pitch to a 1.93 ERA in 23 innings for Tampa Bay this year.
That Bader card is one of my favorite photos.  That emotion right after a play is awesome when caught in a picture.
I love me some retired greats and there were 29 in this box.  That Bagwell is my favorite for some reason.  Probably the beard and that Astros jacket which isn't a Houston color and design you see often.
  I like the Power Zone design and really liked pulling these two PC guys.
That Hosmer is a Red Parallel.  The Beam Team doesn't do much for me.
This Christian Yelich is the one variation I pulled.  Most variations seem to be a bit more of a special photo but hey a variation is a variation.
More nice photos.  Alex Bregman is hoping he and he Astros can turn things around tonight against the Nationals.

Some horizontal love.

This was a really fun box.  I love the photos of which retired greats are a big part of.  I rarely pick up hobby boxes and this one didn't disappoint.  Tomorrow I'll show off more cards from this box.  

128 – Total Cards
29 – Retired Greats
10 - RC
6 – Red Parallel
2 – Chrome
2 – Warp Speed
2 – Power Zone
2 – Black Foil
2 – Emperors of the Zone
1 – Variation
1 – Box Topper
1 – Beam Team
1 - Rainbow Foilboard #/25


  1. Wow, those were some odds on that Khris Davis! Hopefully you'll at least get back what you paid for the box from it's sell.

    1. I'll for short of getting my money back but I'll still be go away happy.

  2. Killer box! Here's hoping that Davis reaches $50 or more! Don't blame you for listing that one at all, good luck with it.

  3. Congratulations on pulling the 1/1 KD! Hope you get top $$$ on that card.