Saturday, October 26, 2019

2019 Topps Stadium Club Hobby Box - A Few More to Enjoy

2019 Topps Stadium Club:  Just want to show off more of these cards.  This was a great box and a lot of fun.  If you didn't see my first post on this box you can check it out here.
 These two guys.  Love them both.  Did Gwynn just turn the light switch on and is looking up to see if they came on?
Some retired greats on these cards are always fun.
Celebrations are always a good time.
I like all three of these cards.  McCutchen and his smile, that catch and a recognizable look for a future hall of famer.
This was my box topper.  Cool photo that I believe is from the homerun derby held in D.C. last year.  Bryce Harper won it in front of the hometown crowd and was very fun to watch.

128 – Total Cards
29 – Retired Greats
10 - RC
6 – Red Parallel
2 – Chrome
2 – Warp Speed
2 – Power Zone
2 – Black Foil
2 – Emperors of the Zone
1 – Variation
1 – Box Topper
1 – Beam Team
1 - Rainbow Foilboard #/25


  1. That Harper is a great time captured moment.

    1. I completely agree. Great photo and very happy it made it on some cardboard.

  2. It's a beautiful set. I'm so glad I picked one up on eBay a few months ago.