Tuesday, October 8, 2019

2019 Bowman Platinum

2019 Bowman Platinum Baseball:  Shiny cards don't do much for me.  These aren't like the Chrome brand which is why I grabbed a pack.  Not over the top shiny.  Overall the design is OK but no logo is a mistake.  This is a a Wal-Mart exclusive sold in stores and online.  Just a bit boring honestly.  The design is a big departure from last year's and you do get more cards per pack. 
There's a mix of veterans, young players and prospects.  Many of the prospects are still hit and miss at this point in their career but that's what Bowman is about.
The backs are fine though not special.  RC cards are a part of these as well as inserts though this Prismatic Prodigies is the only insert I pulled.
These are Top Prospect cards.  They have different numbering than the base cards but some have mentioned them as an extension of the base set.  I won't pick up more of these cards but I'm sure they will appeal to others.

12 – Total Cards
4 – Top Prospects
2 - RC
1 – Prismatic Prodigies


  1. Wow,that looks nothing like Degrom.Rafael Devers Is becoming a favorite of mine.

    1. Yeah when I saw the DeGrom photo I was shocked when I saw his name. I don't see him a ton but I'd never guess that was him. Devers had such a monster year. I sure hope he can keep it up.