Tuesday, October 29, 2019

2019 - 2020 Contenders Basketball Draft Picks Blaster

2019-2020 Contenders Draft Picks Basketball:  I got Zion in this blaster but not the auto everyone is chasing.  Still it is a Zion and I'll be happy with that.  I'm really disappointed that he is injured to start his career but in preseason games he showed he may be able to live up to the hype.  Only time will tell.  No auto in this box as Panini game me dreaded Panini points (150).  Booooo Panini.
  Trae Young is off to a terrific start with the Hawks this year.  Atlanta has a ton of young talent led by Young and it is great to see him taking it to the next level.  Durant and George are OK too...
Plenty more star power in this pack.  With the small size of this set the one thing you are assured of is pulling plenty of stars.
R.J Barrett has looked great so far for the Knicks.  Coby White is also looking real good as a rookie for the Chicago Bulls.  I like these Legacy inserts allowing us to see players in their pro and college unis.

A good box and I did pull a Zion.  I still have two of these blasters to show off so keep an eye out.  This Kemba Walker is a Draft Ticket parallel. 

42 – Total Cards
7 – Legacy (1 – Duplicate)
7 – School Colors
7 – Game Day Ticket
2 – Draft Ticket Parallels
1 – Panini Points (150)


  1. Solid box. Dang, no auto? I thought one per box was guaranteed.

    1. Autos are guaranteed...unless they give you points in lieu of an auto. I think it's a garbage thing Panini does.

  2. Guaranteed Autograph > Panini Points

    Congratulations on pulling a Zion though.