Monday, October 14, 2019

The Houses October Built 2 Movie Review (Spoilers for Original Movie)

The Houses October Built 2:  This review can spoil aspects of the first movie which I looked at earlier today.  As a big fan of the original I had to see this one and finally got the chance last night.  As much as I like the original this one fell flat.  It brings back the original group of friends to go on a quieter less crazy tour of haunted houses.  Again things go wrong and creepy.  Really though this one just doesn't have the creepiness to it the first one did.  Seems like a lot of slower build up which doesn't pay off.  The movie is fairly predictable but there is a twist at the end but it wasn't set up that well and I could see it coming.  And I'm not real good at figuring these things out.  I guess it just suffers from sequelitis.  I probably won't watch this one again like I do the original every year unless someone who hasn't seen it turns it on.    

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