Tuesday, October 22, 2019

2019 Topps Update w/Relic

2019 Topps Baseball Update:  The World Series starts tonight so why not some baseball?  The appeal of the Update cards for me are teh All-Star Game cards but it also features young players, players in their new team's unis, and insert sets.  Gleyber Torres who had a great October starts us off here.
The big surprise for me in this set was this Josh Hader relic.  He had another good year for the Brewers but gave up a few more homeruns than the Brewers would like and struggled mightily in Milwaukee's Wild Card game loss to the Nats.
The All-Star Game cards.  Using "ASG" for these cards don't thrill me.  I'd appreciate something along a logo or even the National and American League logo designating these players as all-stars.
Perennial All-Stars has a nice checklist of current and former greats.  I like that card.  The Harper and Baez are the other two inserts I pulled.  I wish the Greatest Seasons cards had something else on the front like the year that is being focused on.
The youngsters are of course key in this release each year.
A little horizontal All-Star game love.
Players in their new team's unis like Robertson and Lynn are a big part of this set and that Dietrich is a Topps 150th Anniversary.  The design for this year is good and the Update didn't disappoint though there is something about the All-Star Game cards that is lacking.  I'll probably grab more of these but at my leisure.

Cavan Biggio is one of two sons of MLB Hall of Famers on Toronto Blue Jays and is expected to be a big part of Toronto's hopes for contending in years to come.  

34 – Total Cards
11 – RC
8 – All-Star Game
1 – Relic
1 – 150th Anniversary
1 – Greatest Seasons
1 –Perennial All-Stars
1 – Topps All-Star Rookie
1 – Bryce Harper Highlights


  1. Though I may not be a fan of the Update concept (why not just wait until next year?), some nice cards like the Harper and Biggio.

    1. True or maybe just push Series 2 back. Three different releases aren't necessarily needed.

  2. Usually not a fan of Topps inserts... or Update either... but that Harper is pretty sweet.

    1. I agree. That is a sweet card. This set is about waiting out the prospects to see who pans out.