Tuesday, October 22, 2019

2019-20 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Basketball Blaster w/Auto

2019-20 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Basketball:  The NBA season starts tonight and this is a great way to kick it off...chasing Zion.  He wasn't found in this blaster but it was still fun and I pulled a Ky Bowman autograph.  He's a developmental guy with the Warriors.  So not the Zion I was looking for.  But don't fear I have three more blasters to open thanks to my wife buying me two and me picking up a couple more.  We kick this one off with other worldly basketball player, World Champion and PC guy Kawhi Leonard. 
As some have said before the Contenders is locked in some with their design and it can get tiresome.  I'm a Contenders guy and I'm mostly good with this year's offering though the photo seems awful small.  The backs are fine.  Colorful and provide a cropped version of the front photo.  The inclusion of retired greats is always a good thing.
  There are 50 cards in the base set and each has a variation.  Not sure why they didn't make it a 100 card set with two photos for each player.  As a reminder the numbers are their weight, height and uni number.  

The inserts is where you'll finally get to see the draft picks, undrafted players and current and retired greats in their pro/college unis.  I'm good with these inserts.  College basketball unis aren't quite the fun that they are in football though.  Not knowing all the college guys definitely makes sorting a challenge.  
Overall I'm happy with these cards but they are probably not my favorite in the Contenders family.  I'll show off more in the future as I look at the remaining blasters I busted.
42 – Total Cards
7 – Legacy (1 – Duplicate)
7 – School Colors
7 – Game Day Ticket
2 – Draft Ticket Parallels
1 – Draft Blue Foil College Ticket Autograph Parallel


  1. I'm surprised at how little local radio is talking about the new NBA season. Usually right now 98% would be Warriors talk. But 80% is based on the 49ers. 2% on the Raiders. 17% is on the Warriors. And 1% is reserved for everything else... like the World Series or Tom Brady.

    1. There's a ton of good stories going into this season. Seems like the title is up for grabs as well. Exciting times with all the changes in the off-season.