Sunday, October 20, 2019

2019 Unparalleled Football

2019 Unparalleled Football:  I'd looked this up before buying a pack and figured these really weren't up my ally but the wife offered to pick up a pack and who am I to say no?  I was right.  I'm not a shiny guy and these just don't seem to work for football.  Also the fact that you only get 20 for $5.49 is a drawback.  I'm sure these will work for some folks but they just aren't my cup of tea.    
The backs are the one positive I take from theses.  Nice color photo with a background which is the one from the front.  Not saying it is great but one of the better ones I've seen this year.  The In The Moment isn't a bad looking card.
I was happy with my pull.  This set has 300 base cards so pulling the star power I did seemed like a win.  
Cards 201-300 are Rookies cards.  So these are more along the lines of a subset I guess as opposed to an insert.  I assume they all go horizontal since both that I pulled were.

I believe this to be a sunburst parallel.  Think more shiny. 

20 – Total Cards
6 – RC
2 – Rookies
1 – In the Moment
1 – Sunburst Parallel


  1. Love the Rodgers! Go Pack Go!

    1. He's alright...was much better when he was dating Danica Patrick... ;)

  2. These are kind of busy, they probably would've worked better as a parallel.