Friday, October 16, 2020

Random Wax: 2020 Topps Opening Day Baseball Blaster

2020 Topps Opening Day:  This post has been sitting around for a while and since this guy, albeit with the wrong team, will probably have something to say about how this year's playoffs turn out  I thought is is appropriate.  I still like Mookie Betts.  He is so good.  Just wish he was still a member for the Red Sox. 
Unfortunately Mike Soroka was one of a the key injuries to the Braves' starting pitching staff this year.  Tough losing a starter that was so good last year.  
Verlander only pitched one game due to injury this year and Houston has to be wishing they could have him against the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALCS.
Like many others I'm not a big fan of the vertical name but I've seen worse.
And another Mookie. I'm pretty happy with my pull in this box.  
I enjoy Opening Day so much.  It is a small set so it keys in on the stars and key rookies and I like that added Opening Day banner.  The fun inserts are also a plus.  Hard for me to ever pass these up and this was a fun box.

77 – Total Cards
6 – RC
5 – Opening Day
2 – Mascot
2 – Topps Rookie Cup
2 – Spring Has Sprung
1 – Sticker
1 – Blue Foil Parallel
1 – Team Traditions and Celebrations


  1. My favorite thing about Topps Opening Day are the annual mascot inserts. This year... I also like the Spring Has Sprung inserts. That B&W photo of Koufax is fantastic.

    1. That Koufax is a cool photo and I'm a fan the mascots too. Hopefully we see more photos like that one in future Opening Day offerings.

  2. Year after year I keep coming back to Opening Day. The Mascots always make it so fun.

    1. It's always a fun set and great way to start the season.

  3. Two Mookies and a Koufax is a win in my book.