Friday, December 13, 2019

2018 Topps Stranger Things Season 1 Blaster with Relic

2018 Stranger Things Season 1 Cards:  I've been wanting one of these blasters for a while so it was an easy pick for my Steel City Collectibles Black Friday purchase.  And today is Friday the 13th so a post about Stranger Things seems an appropriate post. I'm a fan of the show and while it's close I think season one is my favorite.  Eleven is a great character and this photo really resonates as a part of the series.  That particular look is a big part of it I know.
 The cards are pretty simple and are done on Topps Heritage stock (think Journey To... Star Wars cards).  The majority of what you'll pull from these are taken directly from scenes from episodes.  
Each blaster comes with a hit and mine was a commemorative patch.  Not sure the connection between Jim Hopper (town sheriff) and Benny's Burgers.  Maybe he worked there once?  No matter.  The patch is from one of the major characters and is  good pull.
As to be expected there are inserts to be had.  The Dustin card is a character card while the latter two are stickers.  The Nancy Wheeler is a character sticker while the "Concerned Brother" card is a scene sticker.
I like the design and the older card stock used is perfect for this show which is set in the 1980s.  I really like the R.U.N. card.  Winona Ryder is excellent in this series.  This photo with the Christmas lights and the look on her face is classic in my mind.
The backs are pretty simple but still effective with a nice write-up for the photo from the front.
I really enjoyed this blaster just as I do the show.  Not every photo resonates like some do but  looking back at a show you enjoy is fun.

Winona Ryder doesn't always look this strung out in season one...but probably 99% of it.  

71 – Total Cards
8 – Character Stickers
3 – Character Cards
2 – Scene Stickers
1 – Commemorative Patch


  1. Still one of my favorite shows and non-sport sets. Definitely Season 1 is my favorite, but so far each season has been amazingly entertaining.

    1. Agreed. They have done an amazing job with this show and specifically the characters. Fun watch for sure.

  2. Yeah, the Benny's Burgers patch doesn't quite fit with Hopper. I'm still working on this set and haven't seen any Season 2 blasters anywhere in stores. Depending on how cheap they are, I might try to complete every set.

    1. I don't see the series 2 blasters either. Kind of odd. Let me know what you need in series 1 and I can send some cards your way.

  3. Love this show! I might need to rewatch the series over the holiday break.