Tuesday, December 17, 2019

2018 Topps Star Wars Solo Movie Cards

2018 Topps Star Wars Solo:  Keeping with the Star Wars theme this week is this blaster that was part of that Black Friday purchase from Steel City Collectibles.  I know the Solo movie doesn't have that many fans but I, especially after a second watch, have come to enjoy it for what it is which I think is a good but not great movie.  In my humble opinion.  The man himself stars on this card leading us off.
   These are yellow parallels.  I actually don't mind the yellow as it is somewhat prominent across the movie posters and makes sense for me.
These inserts are Smooth Sayings, Character Sticker and Silhouette cards.  I like all three of these.  
  A few of the base cards whose card design is nice.  I like Topps incorporating the Millennium Falcon while still leaving plenty of room for the photos.  Enfys Nest is a cool looking character.  Probably an action figure I'll pick up at some point.
This was my hit in the box.  A very muddy Chewbacca manufactured patch relic.  Not my favorite look for Chewy but he is an iconic character.
A Vehicles and Icons insert here.  Both are OK but the Icons don't really wow me.  Way too much wasted space.
A couple of black parallels including the Concept Art insert as well as a silver parallel.  Not sure why they call that black but color parallels don't always make sense.
Overall I like these cards.  The inserts are a little hit or miss but still fun.  This blaster gave me plenty of variety and I enjoy looking back at the scenes and characters from the movie.
That "Showdown With Enfys Nest" shot is pretty well known from the trailers and I do think it is cool.  I thought this was a great look for Qi'ra.  Another fun post and another day down as we get closer to the release of The Rise of Skywalker.  

61 – Total Cards
10 – Yellow Parallel
5 – Black Parallel
4 – Silhouette
3 – Concept Art
3 – Silver Parallel
2 – Icons
2 – Vehicles
1 – Sticker
1 – Smooth Sayings
1 – Manufactured Patch Relic

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