Thursday, December 19, 2019

2019 Topps Star Wars Skywalker Saga Trading Cards with Relic

2019 Topps Skywalker Saga:  Today is the day I should get to see The Rise of Skywalker as our little theater always opens big movies on Thursday nights.  Don't ask me how.  Seen these blasters out for a while now and grabbed one as part of my Steel City Collectibles Black Friday purchase.  I'm happy I did as they are nice cards and great primer for tonight.  
These two will headline The Rise of Skywalker and I do like both cards.  I went back and watched the two previous movies in the trilogy to be ready for the new movie's release.  I really like the card on the right and think the black border would work better with this particular shot.  The base cards come with the black borders while these are green and red parallels.
Plenty of inserts along the way.  These are all fun.  Nothing special about them but no complaints either.
I like the design of the cards.  Fairly simple but you still get a star field in the border and nice shots from the different movies that got us to this point.
A couple more inserts.  Always fun seeing key characters or moments from past movies.  Wish we could have seen more of Bail Organa.
What Skywalker saga is complete without Annakin.  Some good shots though that Order 66 card makes me shiver...younglings...
Kylo's story is a big part of the current saga and of course his parents.  I thought they did a good job with photo selections.  There are a few that aren't as key as these but overall I thought they did a good job.
These blasters come with relics including this commemorative patch.  Doesn't do much for me but I'll take it.
The write-up on the back is simple but good.
This card is actually an ad for Topps Authentics that came in the box but I like the photo though Chewy should be in there somewhere right.  This was a fun box.  I really liked the shot selections and design.  I'm stoked for the movie tonight.  I 'll throw something, sans spoilers, up on the blog sometime soon after the movie if at all possible.

61 – Total Cards
8 – Orange Parallel
5 – Path of the Jedi
2 – Blue Parallel
2 – Iconic Looks
1 – Allies
1 – Enemies
1 – Skywalker Legacy
1 - Commemorative Nameplate Patch Relic


  1. I wonder how many different characters have those letter patch cards. It'd be cool to spell out my name or something.

    1. That's a cool idea. They don't go for much so it wouldn't be horribly expensive to do.