Friday, December 27, 2019

Rogue One Series 1 Blaster with Relic

Rogue One is my favorite of the new Star Wars movies and I was able to open a hobby box of these two years ago.  This blaster was a gift for Christmas and goes for $11 on Amazon right now.  I'm as big a fan of these cards as I am the movie.  Great design and the inserts make these a win for me.
    Movie stills or screen shots are a staple here.  That card on the right is a Death Star parallel.
Icon, Darth Vader Continuity, and Gallery inserts.  Again the inserts are strong here and a big reason I like this set.
Plenty of cards here highlighting key characters from the movie.  More bland than movie scenes but they serve a purpose.
Heroes of the Rebel Alliance, Blueprint and Villains of the Empire inserts.  I'm a huge fan of the Shoretrooper design.  That said I don't think they have to keep coming up with new variations of Stormtroopers for each movie.  There were two new ones in the movie that came out this month - Sith and the jet pack guys.
More cards that help take you back to moments in the movie.  I like the Empire and Rebellion emblems on each card.  Simple but effective.  This was a fun blaster and fun cards.
This medallion was my pull for this box.  I'm a Stormtrooper fan and I like the AT-ST as well so this is a good medallion for me.

61 – Total Cards
3 – Green Squad Parallels
3 – Character Icon
3 – Death Star Parallels
2 – Blue Parallel
2 – Villains of the Empire
1 – Montage
1 – Gallery
1 – Blueprint
1 – Blue Squad Parallel
1 – Darth Vader Continuity
1 – Heroes of the Rebel Alliance


  1. Very cool break. I want to get one of those millennium falcon relics I have seen on Twitter

    1. I'd definitely be down for one as well! And thanks.

  2. This was a great movie! Might have to watch it this afternoon while sorting cards.