Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Darth Maul 6 Inch Star Wars The Black Series Archives Figure

Darth Maul 6 Inch Star Wars The Black Series Archives Figure:  I'm a big fan of the Hasbro Star Wars Black Series 6" Figures and the Archives line of those figures give us all a chance to pick up those figures we missed in the initial waves.  Darth Maul was issued in Wave 1 way back in 2013 which I missed out on so I was stoked to hear he'd be released as part of the Archives waves.

My package was all banged up but I was fine with that. I always planned to open him.  I like the packaging overall.

With his cloak on he is not very pose-able.  He still looks great but his arms and head just aren't going to move around a lot.  Binoculars are one of the two accessories he comes with.  They are simple but nice.
The lightsaber can be two separate light sabers or the single double blade.  It is nice but the red laser parts tend to warp some and are hard to straighten out.  Still it is a nice look with some pretty good detail on the grip.  You can see some of the cloth under his plastic cloak.  This is a nice touch that doesn't make it all plastic and works well.

My favorite look is that of him without his cloak.  This is the classic look where he fights Qui Gon Ginn and Obi Wan Kenobi on Naboo.  It also gives us a great look at his face and head.  He comes with his cloak on.  To remove it you actually take off his head which is connected to the cloak.  Then put the stand alone head on and you have the look here.  
 You see a base in this photo but that is one I purchased separately.  Hasbro still does not do bases for these and third party bases are hit or miss on how well they work.  The holes in the bottom of the feet of figures throughout the life of the line has varied quite a bit.  Big fail.
The detail is really good on this Maul figure.  I really enjoy the colors, details on his horns and overall sculpt.  I'm very happy I picked up this guy and added him to my collection.  One more day until the opening of The Rise of Skywalker.  


  1. Sweet figure. Definitely one of the coolest looking characters in the SW Universe.

    1. Can't argue there. He also have us probably the best lightsaber duel of the franchise when he fought Gui-Gon John and Obi-Wan.