Friday, January 4, 2019

2018-2019 Hoops Holiday Blaster Box

I've been eyeing these 2018-2019 Hoops Holiday cards for some time.  The best way to think of these is a blaster full of nothing but winter parallels and the print run for these must be less than the standard cards.  These blasters also guarantee a hit which for me was a T.J. Leaf Rookie Remembrance Relic which I show at the end of this post.  This Anthony Davis card shows off the snowflakes really well.  You can't see them that well on all the cards but you can on the majority and I like these overall.  They are just different enough from the standard cards to get my attention, snow flakes are cool and they aren't any more expensive than the standard cards.
These are all from the Hoops Tribute subset that is a mix of current stars and retired greats.  You can't really tell but the Kevin Durant is a Winter Purple parallel.  I really like this subset and actually just picked up that Dr. J standard card on COMC.
 A really good pull though I wouldn't call it great.  With 300 cards though your not going to nab a LeBron in every pack.  Nice card of Andre Drummond skying to the rim.  Al Horford will go into my personal collection and you can't go wrong with Ben Simmons right now. 
As you can see the snowflakes are pretty much a non factor on some cards like this Og Anunoby card.  After an inconsistent start Kent Bazemore has been a better scorer for my Hawks most of December.  Tough news for John Wall and the Wizards as he'll be out the rest of the season due to wrist surgery.
Cool Greek Freak Get Out of the Way insert and I really like the Knicks' NYC jersey Kristaps Porzingis is wearing on his Lights Camera Action insert.
I think this is my first Otto Porter Jr. card of the year.  

88 – Total Cards
14 – RC
6 – Hoops Tribute
4 – Retired Greats
3 – Lights Camera Action
3 – Purple Winter Parallels
2 –Get Out of the Way
1 – The Pulse
1 – Faces of the Future
1 – Class of 2018
1 – Rookie Remembrance Relic


  1. These are neat. I like them better than the Topps baseball version. I don't see any snowflakes on the OG and very few on the inserts, but the Bazemore and Davis cards look very snowy.

    1. The flakes are definitely show depending on the background but overall I'm liking these cards. Topps baseball didn't do much for me either but I haven't seen this year's in hand. That box was sold before I could make it back to the store. Maybe snowflakes go better with winter sports and just don't fit baseball?

  2. As much as I complain about card companies producing way too many products... I've gotta admit, I think this is kinda cool.

    1. I like them. Panini did a good job. Kind of cool that they are somewhat limited and only a blaster option that I'm aware of.