Friday, January 11, 2019

Random Wax: 2018-2019 Hoops

Finally had a 2018-2019 Hoops pack that delivered.  Kevin Durant highlighted this pack that had plenty of star power.  Durant is such a great player whose story probably gets a little lost in the fact that one, he played during the LeBron era, and two moved to an established championship team much to the chagrin of many fans and media members.  Still this guy is an elite player who in my opinion, only has one player who is better than him currently in the league.
  Donovan Mitchell is still struggling but to his credit, I think, he is trying to shoot his way out of his malaise.  A nice hall of famer and Maverick rookie Luke Doncic whom Dallas hopes is another Dirk Nowitzki in that he will have a long hall of fame career with the team.  Doncic is doing well so far averaging 18 PPG, 6 RPG and almost 5 APG and should be the league rookie of the year.
A nice blue parallel of KAT and the Trae Young rookie.  Traded for Doncic during the draft, my Hawks are hoping Young can be the franchise moving forward.  I don't doubt his skills but his shooting is another thing.  That HAS to get better for him to succeed in the NBA otherwise I see him as another Ricky Rubio - great ball handling skills but no consistent shot.
A couple of stars of the league and De'Aaron Fox who has stepped it up in his second year in the league.  I really like him.
Nice photo of Jerami Grant and I pulled personal collection guy DeMar DeRozan.  This was a fun pack for sure with great variety and plenty of stars.  I learned something.  The retired legends I've listed prior are actually part of the Hoops Tribute subset making up the final 20 cards of the base set.  I pulled Bill Russell this pack but I've pulled him before and showed him off in that post.  There are some great players in this subset so I'll definitely be on the lookout for those.

30 - Total Cards
2 - RC
1 - Blue Parallel
1 - The Pulse
1 - Faces of the Future
1 - Lights Camera Action
1 - Hoops Tribute (Retired Legend)


  1. I love all of the action! The way Panini crops their basketball cards is the way I'd love to see Topps crop their baseball cards.

    1. I agree. These are some nice looking cards and the cropping is a big part of that.

  2. I just picked up the complete set and have to agree it's a good one.

    1. They did a good job on this set. No complaints even if I grumble a bit about my pulls.