Friday, January 18, 2019

Wal-Mart Combo: 1991 Fleer Ultra Baseball Card Pack

Pack #2 from the Wal-Mart Ultimate Combo purchase is a pack of 1991 Ultra Fleer baseball.  This pack came with 14 cards and one sticker.  I think I had a great pull with three hall of famers and Barry Bonds.  John Smoltz is a personal collection guy and Atlanta Brave so I was very happy to grab this card - even if the look on his face is not one he wants to remember.    
More stars with Barry Bonds and hall of famers Ryne Sandberg and Lee Smith.  The cards have a very simple design and while I don't prefer gray as the main color for cards the inclusion in this minimal design is OK.  
  More notables from this pack - all players folks familiar with the era will remember.  The Denny Neagle Prospect card was a nice pull.  Prospects are never a sure thing but Neagle definitely had a good career finishing up with 124 wins.

14 – Total Cards + 1 Sticker
1 – Team Fleer
1 – Prospect


  1. Hard to recognize Smoltz without the facial hair ;)

    1. I agree . I almost thought they had the wrong player on the card..

  2. We could not keep that stuff back on the shelf at the card store back in the day. Nice walk down memory lane.

    1. It was fun busting this pack. The pull was good but the memories were more fun.