Monday, January 21, 2019

AFC and NFC Championship Games - Just Wow!

"Are you not entertained?"  Great games yesterday.  The first time both conference championship games have gone into overtime.  Did the Saints get hosed?  Oh yes.  That was a horrible call.  The easy answer is to say don't put yourself in that position.  Don't go silent for almost two quarters while the Rams get back into the game.  Don't call for a pass on first down with under two minutes to go and definitely don't let it go incomplete.  It will be so hard to think of this game though and not think of the non call at the end of the 4th quarter.  Still New Orleans had the ball in overtime and failed.  Congratulations to the Rams.  They adjusted on offense to the stadium noise and their offense came alive.  I'm still confused as why Todd Gurley wasn't in the game more.  The touches he did have weren't great but when you have a beast like him you have to ride him.  This is great young team and I can't wait to see what they can do in the Super Bowl.
    We keep wanting to pick against the Patriots and they keep snubbing their nose at everyone.  This will be their 8th Super Bowl appearance in the Tom Brady era and 10th overall.  Just crazy.  Give it to their defense for shutting down Mahomes and the crazy good Kansas City offense long enough to give New England a 14-0 lead at the half - and they needed it.  The KC offense finally appeared and the rest of the game was back and forth never quite knowing which was it would end.  Again we went to overtime and the Pats made sure the Chiefs revitalized offense didn't get a chance to steal the game.  This was a fun game to watch.  I was hoping the Chiefs would win even though I have a self proclaimed man crush on Michigan alum Tom Brady.  They don't call him the G.O.A.T. for nothing.  Hopefully Kansas City will be back in force again for years to come.  For now we'll see what greatness the Pats can dial up in the Super Bowl.


  1. Definitely entertained. Sure hope Gurley goes off and takes home the SB MVP Award.