Thursday, January 24, 2019

Wal-Mart Combo: 1988, 1989, and 1990 Donruss Baseball

From the Wal-Mart Ultimate Baseball Combo I received packs of 1988, 1989, and 1990 Donruss.  These are of course junk wax but the 1990 Donruss is my favorite of those Donruss set and the 1988 is right behind it.  This '88 set has nice blue and black borders that always appealed to me.  There were two packs of this set in my combo and there were plenty of stars.  I really like the Carlton Fisk card.  While not in action it is just a really nice photo of Fisk.  
   Plenty of stars in this pack including these personal collection (PC) guys.  
Molitor is another personal collection guy for me.  I like the simplicity of the MVP cards and the logo. The Diamond King Sets from the era are all-time favorites of mine.   

With my four packs of '89 Donruss I pulled maybe the biggest card of the set in the Randy Johnson rookie.  This design isn't one of my favorites   Something to do with the colors.  I do know that.
The MVP cards took a step back.  I preferred the '88 version much better than these which come off as really bland to me - no offense to Tony Gwynn.  Those goggles on Sabo.  He may not be a hall of famer but he'll always be remembered for those goggles.
Oil Can was a bit of head case but I think Red Sox fans look back on him in a good light.  And how can you not like that name.  Zane Smith is PC guy for me.  

The last Donruss from my combo were two packs of the 1990 set.  By far my favorite Donruss offering these are always fun to break.  I really like the All-Star cards in this set.  The different league logos on the cards were a great addition to make them stand out.
Yaz was the puzzle for this set and this is the puzzle card showing what it would look like when put together.  I think they are pretty cool and I have a ton of these cards.  Of course it helps that he is my #2 all-time favorite baseball player.  
Not quite the star power of the other packs but Willie was a stud in the era.  He was great to watch in the field, at the plate and on the bases.  And he is a PC guy.  I know all these are junk wax but they didn't dominate my Wal-Mart combo and were a nice trip down memory lane.

1988 Donruss (2)
30 – Total Cards + 6 Puzzle Pieces
2 – MVP
2 – Diamond Kings

1989 Donruss (4)
60 – Total Cards + 12 Puzzle Pieces
3 – Diamond Kings
2 – MVP
1 - Checklist

1990 Donruss (2)
32 – Total Cards + 6 Puzzle Pieces
3 – All-Star
2 – Rated Rookie
1 – Puzzle Photo Card
1 – Diamond King
1 - Checklist


  1. Nice pulls!I've always liked that 88 Donruss design but the older I get ,the more I am learning to appreciate that '90's design.Nostalgia probably plays a big factor.Love that 88 McGwire!

    1. Nostalgia plays a big part for me. It is fun looking at all the stars and designs we liked back in the day.

  2. These sets may have been massively overproduced, but you can always count on the packs to yield plenty of star power!

  3. They may be junk wax, but still fun to open!!

    1. So much fun. Plenty of stars and memories.

  4. Junk wax or not... it's always cool to open a pack and pull a rookie card of a hall of famer. Congratulations!