Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Green Lantern: Rebirth & Green Lantern: No Fear

These two books were Christmas gifts which I've wanted for years.  Again I'm woefully behind in reading comics.  Green Lantern is my favorite superhero so this was a real treat.  There are probably spoilers here but these books have been out for quite a while now.  Author Geoff Johns does a great job bringing back Hal Jordan (Green lantern) to prominence in the DC Universe.  Without getting too long winded, the events prior to Rebirth had Hal Jordan basically being corrupted by Parallax, who was contained within the core battery on AO, destroying the Green Lantern Corps and ultimately being possessed by the Spectre and saving the universe.  In this book you see Hal Jordan returning to earth and trying to move on with his life.  With Parallax and Spectre still waging war inside him that's not happening.  With help from other Green Lanterns, friends, and the Justice League Hal finally rids himself of both Parallax and the Spectre.  We find out the man behind all of Hall's troubles?  Sinestro.  Should have known.  If you aren't familiar with the Green Lantern mythos this book is a good read and Johns does a good job in his preludes and in a summary after the last page to help ensure readers weren't lost.  I loved this book. It did a great job of bringing Hal Jordan back to where he should be - a prominent  hero in the DC Universe and on earth.  The story is a great read.  I've known about this book for years and I had heard nothing but outstanding reviews but still I was surprised how much I enjoyed.  The remaining Green Lanterns play a prominent part in this book as does the Justice League so there are also plenty of other characters that help round out the story.  

So now that Hal Jordan is back No Fear shows us what life will be like moving forward for Hal Jordan.  We see a new nemesis as well as some old foes who play big parts in this story.  This story is a fun first arc for Green Lantern.  We also see the beginnings of a new Green Lantern Corps.  I was again very impressed with the story Geoff Johns crafted.  I can't talk about these two books without mentioning the great art by Ethan Van Sciver.  I think he does a great job helping to tell the story visually.  As great as these books are, there are many more that follow.  The Green Lantern Corps get their own book, there will be the Sinestro Corps Wars, and the Blackest Night story arc which was felt across the DC Comics universe.  The latter is a highly regarded series and I can't wait to read it.  Geoff Johns guides Green Lantern throughout all these story arcs and they have all become the best run of Green Lantern.  I'm excited to pick up more of the books.  Here is the Green Lantern trade paperback reading order for anyone interested.   

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