Monday, January 14, 2019

2017 Topps WWE Women’s Division Wrestling Cards Blaster w/Relic

I was so happy with the 2018 WWE Women's Division Women's Wrestling cards that I grabbed this 2017 WWE Women's Division Women's Wrestling blaster with my recent baseball combo pack order from Wal-Mart.  I'm again very happy with my cards which totaled 81 including a shirt relic.  These are basically divided into NXT, WWE, and roster cards.  Each divide those among major events in the series.  There were quite a few Charlotte Flair cards which made me happy but it also had plenty of great photos from all the big lady stars of the WWE.  The design is great as it doesn't take away from the photos which are really good.  The backs are simple with a nice write-up and some basic color.  The information is providing the background to the event/photo on the front of the card.  The roster cards are a bit more plain but still look really nice and have a great mix of Superstar, Announcer, Ring Announcer, and Legend cards (great legends too).  I call this a win.  I'd love to pick up more in the future of both the 2017 and 2018 cards.  I think these are just fun sets and as always very easy on the eyes. 



Roster Cards

81 – Total Cards
38 – Base Roster
  -- 23 - Superstar
  -- 11 – Legends
  -- 3 – Announcer
  -- 1 – Ring Announcer
  -- 1 - Manager
24 – NXT
18 – WWE
1 – Shirt Relic #/199


  1. This would be a pretty entertaining break... even if I haven't watched wrestling on a regular basis in nearly 20 years.

    1. I'm barely a casual fan at best but I really enjoy the wrestling cards. Really takes me back to when I was a bigger fan.

  2. The Roster Cards are actually an interesting design especially when you put three together side to side. Nice break!

    1. Good call. I hadn't noticed that until you pointed it out. thanks