Friday, June 26, 2020

1992 Upper Deck Baseball Box (Low Series)

 1992 Upper Deck Baseball: This was part of that Dave & Adams purchase a while back. This set is pretty affordable but offers up really good quality cards and photos.  I think the '91 Upper Deck are my favorites but these are right there with them.  Nice McGwire card and photo to add to my fledgling Mac collection.
 That Manny is one of the big rookie cards from this set.  That Thome picture is great.  Love pulling a Pedro Martinez card any day of the week.
 The Diamond Skills cards were pretty cool and give us a great Rickey Henderson card as the Best Baserunner.  Jim Abbott as the Best Leftey surprised me a bit until I looked up his stats.  Darn good year in 91 - 18-11, 2.89, 5CG, 243IP,
 Oh to be Eric Davis cool...
 There are so many stars and Hall of Famers in this set which helps make it a ton of fun to bust.
 Wild eyed Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux covering first, expertly I assume, both seem appropriate. 
 That smile!
 Some PC guys for me. Think this is the night after Tawney Kitaen hit Chuck Finley with her stiletto heel?

The Crime Dog!  The hologram cards scan pretty well and were always nice pulls.  This was a great box and so much fun.  I'll throw more photos in here at the end just for the fun factor.

540 – Total Cards
46 – Prospect 92
18 – Diamond Skills
18 – Star Rookie
7 - Checklist
6 – Holograms
3 – Bloodlines
1 – SP
1 – Stay In School
 Two cool cards and that Deion is an SP insert as well as a favorite of mine.

 Great photography throughout the set.  

 Many of the photos on the back were as good if not better than the fronts.

He really looks like "Rock" Raines here.  


  1. The landscape action shots are fantastic... as well as the multi-image Deion and Griffey cards.

    1. UD did seem to put in a bit more work on their landscape cards and they were better for it.

  2. Yep, an awesome junk wax set. I have a wax box of this on my pack shelf that I've slowly been ripping through the past few years and gradually hand-collating a set. Great post!

    1. Thanks. This really is a fun set and it being cheap makes that much easier to enjoy.

  3. I was losing interest in collecting in my young days of 1992, and was mainly buying hockey cards instead of baseball at that point. Looks like I missed out on some excellent photography! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I somehow didn't pick up on this set back in the day. I love all the older Upper Deck sets across the sports.

  4. Awesome box of cards! I love it when bloggers open product like this. The McGwire is sweet looking. I am also slowly resurrecting my McGwire collection. Any chance you get a double of that McGwire and the Deion Sanders football/baseball to trade?

  5. There are so many great cards in this set. I really enjoyed looking at this post. I think the Cecil Fielder and San Diego Chicken card is my favorite, but I think I could easily make a top 20 list off of the front and back pictures in this set. Amazing!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed. So many good cards. And the backs too. I should have shared more card backs. Such a fun set.