Friday, June 12, 2020

2020 Bowman Baseball

2020 Bowman Baseball:  These finally hit our neck of the woods so I picked up two value packs as well as some standard packs with this being a value pack.  Bowman again offers up a clean design with plenty of prospects which make up 150 of the 250 player checklist.  I didn't pull the big name in this year's set, Jasson Dominguez, nor any of the other big names but it was still a decent pull.
 The youngsters dominate this set and you'll find them with base cards, RC, and 1st Bowman cards.  That Wander Franco is a Camo Parallel exclusive to these value packs.
There are of course vets in the set as well.  The trio of Harper, Yelich and Springer are a good pull in my book.
Five chrome parallels are also a part of your pullsand I know many are hoping for these of hot young players.
The backs of these are fairly bland though I like the color logo.  Nothing wrong with the write-up either.  
One more chrome to round things out.  This set is all about stashing these young guys and seeing who shines in years to come.  Not a bad looking set design wise.  I'm not a bit Bowman guy so I probably won't pick up anymore but I never say never.  Those Dominquez cards are so hot right now.  

29 – Total Cards
5 – Chrome
5 – Camo Parallel
4 – 1st Bowman
3 – RC
1 – Talent Pipeline
1 – Spanning the Globe


  1. I'm not a big Bowman guy either, but if I found packs in the wild, I'd probably grab them.

    1. Another one of those hot products and the first new baseball in a while. Hard not to.

  2. I like Bowman for the rookies. I try to grab at least one rookie card of each person and Dominguez is definitely on my list. Luckily though, his cards have dropped quite a bit so may be easier to get one now. Though I prefer to do some ripping and find it lol

    1. So much more fun finding them through ripping. There are tons of rookies in this set so they get that right.