Friday, June 19, 2020

2020 Donruss Baseball - 5 Dollar Tree Packs

2020 Donruss Baseball:  My first look at this set comes via five Dollar Tree packs that contain exclusive yellow parallels.  I like the design.  I really do but the lack of team license is just so hard to get over for me.  This card just screams team logo and/or not air brushing the helmet.  
There's a yellow parallel in every pack.  I think they work on the base cards but it looks really bad on that '86 Donruss Winfield card.  The Clayton is a variation.  Variations are denoted by the old school red Donruss logo.  The variation here is "Chavez Ravine" under his name.  The standard card says "Los Angeles".  The yellow parallel Ketel Marte is a name variation.  All the variations can be seen here.  
More '86 Donruss stylings and a Rated Rookie.  Dwight Gooden looked pretty bored in that photo.  Maybe it was his ridiculous '85 season when he was unhittable.  
I so want to like these.  Then I see the missing logos...  
I'm actually on the fence.  I do like the base design.  But can I get over the license thing?  I don't know.  We'll see where this goes and I'll get back to you...maybe...

25 – Total Cards
5 – Yellow Parallel
4 – Retro 1986
3 – Rated Rookie
2 – RC
2 – Diamond Kings
1 – Nickname Variation


  1. I got a few of these too. I like the yellow parallels being exclusive. Pretty cool.

    1. Exclusives are fun and with them coming 1 per pack it makes it an easy buy.

  2. I actually bought a few of these a few weeks back. I agree with the lack of license, but sometimes it's just fun to open a few cheap packs. I like the nickname variation cards a lot. I got a Alonso "Polar Bear" one, which was pretty sweet.

    1. I really like the nickname variations. And Polar Bear is a great one.