Sunday, June 21, 2020

2020 Score Football

2020 Score Football:  This is my first look at these cards that just hit the shelves.  Still trying to figure out how much I like the design.  I'll kick it off with an insert I like.  I'm curious to see what others in this set look like going forward and see where I fall on this set.
The design is pretty basic and at first a let down after last years awesomeness.  Still it is growing on me.  My pull was only saved by the inserts.  My base cards didn't have any of the top stars in the league.  The set is pretty robust 440 cards.
I like both of these inserts.  That Thomas is a cool card and Ladies and Gentlemen...your 2019 NFL Champion Kansas City Chiefs...
The backs have a cropped photo of the front shot.  I like the backs though there seems like there is room for more stats.  
These two inserts haven't grown on me yet.  I'm all for defensive stars getting some love but I'm still not sure about the design colors.  The Cardinals 3D card had the same color scheme.  I don't know.  The Deep Dive cards are a bit goofy with it all about players diving.
This set as always has players on cards before they are drafted so you'll have to look up the majority of these guys to know who they play for.  I don't get the pink colors for the In the Zone inserts.   Nothing against pink but it isn't working for me here.  I'll definitely grab more of these and hopefully I have a better pull next time.  I leave this with a nice Jake Fromm from the Georgia Bulldogs because he is from the Bulldogs and that uni is classic. 

40 – Total Cards
7 – RC
4 – Red Parallel
3 – Next Level
2 – 3D
2 – Deep Dive
2 – Huddle Up
2 – In The Zone
1 – Game Face


  1. I like the look of the new 2020 Score football. I have opened a few of the fat packs, but have only gotten a couple of Steelers base cards. The GameFace inserts are sweet, but I like the Deep Dive inserts. I like that Adrian Peterson card; that is one card that I will be looking out for in future pack rips.

    1. I'm a fan of the Game Face as well. My favorites in the set so far. Deep Dive will have to grow on me...

  2. I feel like Panini is following in Topps footsteps and running certain inserts into the ground. Oh well... I probably won't find any of this stuff at my local Target anyways.

    1. Hope you can find some new products. It definitely flies off the shelf in my small town so I grab it while I can. Panini went outside the box a little here with the Deep Dive and 3D inserts but I think Huddle Up has run it's course. You can only see a team in the huddle so many times and be happy about it.

  3. I kind of like the base design, but those Deep Dive's are atrocious!